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JÖRÐ is a performance, which intertwines film-, dance- and sound art.




JÖRÐ redefines humanity's connection with nature and our place in the world.



JÖRÐ spins together thematic threads of nature, nordic folklore and the female perspective to create its own modern myth

The Faroese nature is unspoiled and untouched. Or at least, this is how the Faroe Islands is often marketed in tourism commercials. The green islands are a paradise - the last unspoiled spot on the Earth. And this is probably also what we as Faroese people tell ourselves - that we have a closer relationship with nature. 

The everyday life on the Islands tells us a different reality; we are modern, we drive cars like everybody else, we use Facebook and Netflix and fly to other countries, and we are closely connected to the rest of the world even though we are an isolated country.

This discord in our identity, not only in the Faroe Islands, but in the other Nordic countries as well, is one of the themes of JÖRÐ. A performance, that ties together several artistic fields and rethinks the human connection with nature and our place in the world. Through sound, dance and several layers of projections places the piece nature and culture, the homely and the otherworldly up against each other. Pop culture, plastic and high heeled shoes meet Nordic myths, hard stone and breaking waves. 

The work is an artistic collaboration between Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð and Vár Bech Árting from the Faroe Islands, Lisen Pousette from Sweden, Tiia Kasurinen from Finland and Lil Lacy from Denmark/USA - five female artists, that have found each other across artistic fields and country borders. JÖRÐ is the result that has been created through conversations that the artists have had about their work, country and development in society. 

Specifically the female perspective is seen in the performance through interpretations of several iconic female figures - these include The Seal Woman, Virgin Mary, The Little Mermaid and Botticelli’s Venus. All of these are female figures that throughout history have been interpreted and portrayed by men, but in this work they are laid in the hands of five women to interpret them.  

Through projections, sound art, dance and scenography the artists behind JÖRÐ examine how different art forms can collaborator and through this the audience will get an expansive artistic experience.


“Captivating avantgarde in the middle of Tórshavn. Astounding (...)Sublimity in darkness.”

-Birgir Kruse, Birkblog




“I was captivated by how all of the artforms were so thorough and on such high levels. The whole was more than its separate parts (...) JÖRÐ took me on a journey that I unconditionally let myself be consumed by.”

- Solveig Hanusardóttir Olsen, Dimmalætting

Choreography and performance

Vár Bech Árting, Lisen Pousette & Tiia Kasurinen


Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð


Lil Lacy

Set design and technician

Anton Skarborn


 Maibritt Marjunardóttir & Lydia Vermaat-Wallin


Barbara Lervig


Nordic String Quartet with Heiðrun Petersen, Mads Haugsted Hansen, Daniel Eklund & Lea Emilie Brøndal

Drums Rune Kielsgaard 

Artistic producers 

Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð & Vár Bech Árting

Financial administrator 

Durita Sumberg


The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands with Mie Meyle & Gunn Hernes 



Photos by Erla Ziskasen 


Photographer Bjarni Árting Rubeksen and journalist Uni Leitisstein from KVF (the public broadcasting station) followed the production the day before the premiere. The result was two reportages, one with video and as well as an interview and one with still photography and text. This gave the readers an insight into the thoughts, collaboration and artists of JÖRÐ, as well as a look behind the scenes. 



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