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This network is initiated by three freelance dance artists from, living or working on the north Atlantic islands. Each artist represents one island and is responsible for organizing a relevant meeting in their location and connecting the network to local dance artists and resources. Each artist's opinion is respected and of equal importance. 

The steering group is formed by a representative of each country.

The non profit organization Physical félagið (registered in Iceland) is responsible for handling the financial matters.

Confirmed collaborators


NuQui Dance

The Faroe Islands:

RIVA The Faroese Dance Company 

The Nordic House of The Faroe Islands



Reykjavik Dance Festival

Dansverkstæðið (Rehearsal Space) 

The Nordic House Iceland

Dance Enthusiasts (Freelance Dance Company) 

Physical felagið (Non-profit organisation Dance)

Boreal Screen Dance Festival (Akureyri)

Supported by


Nordic Culture Point - Short Term Network Funding

Nordic Culture Fond - Opstart 

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