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Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK)

BA (Hons) Dance (Contemporary) 2018-2021 // First class of honors achieved.

  • Invisible Room, Amaury Lebrun, FUTURE NOW 2021: BA Graduation

  • Anatomy of a Phoenix, Alexandra Hemsley, filmed improvisation score.

  • Puzzle Work, Anton Lachky, New Ground 2019.

  • Here Beneath the Stars I’m Mending, Anna Williams, Flock Fest 2019.

Dance training

Freelance Dancer and Choreographer 

Associate artistic director, choreographer and dancer at RIVA The Faroese Dance Company

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (DK)

Pre-education 2017-2018 

  • Graduation performance by: Alexander Bourdat, Lucia Basquini and Lotte Sigh.

work with  RIVA The Faroese Dance Company.


  • Hvør á kroppin á øðrum, Curated performances at Tjóðpallur Føroya (The National Theatre of the Faroe Islands) and SALT. Producer and performer. 

  • Hårgadansen (Residency and performance). Co-choreographer with Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen (FO) of Spelman a group piece. Performer in group piece Hårgadansen by Julia Ehrstrand (SE). Co-choreographer and performer in Hvør á kroppin á øðrum together with Anja Neukomn (CH) and Rannvá G. Niclasen. Hvør á kroppin á øðrum is being made in to a dance film in collaboration with Rammatik


  • Risin og Kellingin, Residency and performance, choreographers Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen (FO), Búi Rouch (FO) and Julia Ehrstrand (SWE). Additionaly, the dance films URÐ and EIR by Rammatik and was based on the three choreographies.

  • Collaboration with RIVA, Holstebro Dansekompagni and The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands. Including exchange between the companies, holding workshops for the public and doing the marketing for the event.

  •  Norðurting (The Northern Assembly), Amund Sjølie Sveen (NO) og Erik Stifjell (-NO), A people's parliament of the North and a performance, Improvised performance together with musicians Edith Dahl Jacobsen and 200 and directing a group of young dancers including.

freelance work



  • JÖRÐ, video installation and performance piece. Producer/organiser and dance artist for a collaborative project with director Maria G. Tórgarð (FO), composer Lil Lacy (DK), dance artists Louise Pousette (SE) and Tiia Kasurinen (FI). Work in progress sharing at Reykjavík Art Festival 2022 and GÁTT Nordic Art Festival 2022 (Final work to be premier at the Nordic House of The Faroe Islands in 2023)

  •  Ein hálvur minuttur av dystinum er farin (music video), &Bartal, directed by Maria Tórgarð. Choreographer.

  • FRUM at G! festival, movement direction for the performance/concert. 

  •  Title TBD, dancefilm by Rammatik, Performer and co-choreographer (To be released) 

  • KRÍMA-B-CKristina Sundar Hansen (FO), (Children's theatre Play). Tjóðpallur Føroya, The National Theatre of the Faroe Islands.  Performer and movement director

  • Take Over Anna Kolfinna (IS), Nordic Music Days. Performer.

  • Samtíðardansur -Improvisatión (Film) Jóna Thomsen (FO) for Dancer. Premiere screening at Tórshavn Culture Night.

  • Libertas Laura Amy White (UK), a site specific trio the art instillation Hundreds and Thousands by Liz West at the Tide in Greenwich, London. Dancer.

  • The Only Way (music video) Frum (FO). Choreographer and performer.

  • Boy (music video) Konni Kass (FO), Directed by Trygvi Danielsen. Performer.

  • In This Universe (music video) Frum (FO)Choreographer and performer. (To be released).




  • #2 a dance film made in collaboration with cinematographer Barbara Lervig (FO) and produced by Was screened at Flock Fest 2020. Choreographed and performed.

  • Choreographed and performed for music artist Frum (FO) for the opening of Glasir Collage, the largest architectural project in the Faroe Islands.

  • Re-Dream (film) Antionette Helbing and Jan Vasala (DE/DK). Dancer. 

  • How manY storms must I weather Bianca Berger (CH) and Linn Fletcher (SE), Folkehuset Absalon.

  • Site-specific improvisation at Tórshavn Culture Night organized by Mirjam og Janus Photography (FO).


Other relevant experiance


  • Connecting North Atlantic Islands Through Dance Art Associate director, Faroese representative.

  • GÁTT Nordic Art Festivalmultidisciplinary artist led art festival. Co-organiser and artist. 

  • Technician (lights and projection) for Lykkenborg by Det Ferösche Compagnie. 

  • Hús í hús (short film), director Maria G. Tórgarð (to be released), Producer. 


  • Platform Gátt artist. A multidisiplinary platform bringing together and highlighting some of the most exciting young Nordic artists.

  • Co-creator of Splice a feminist Zine.


  • Dansieksperimentið (DX) Yearly summer dance platform in the Faroe Islands. Choreographed short group pieces in collaboration with musicians including Frum, Silvurdrongurin and more. Performed Contemporary, house and experimental pieces choreographed by Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen, Rúna Volmarsdóttir, Andrea Joensen and Lene Lyck. took workshops in house, experimental hip hop, jazz, breakdance, floorwork, improvisation and drama. Taught contemporary technique workshops for a total of 80 children and young adults at DX20.


  • Attended two day intensive with James Wilton Dance (UK).


  • Competed at World Championships in aesthetic group gymnastics 2016.


  • Member of the Faroese artistic gymnastics national team.

  • Teaching experience in gymnastics and contemporary dance for children and young adults.


Fluent in Faroese, Danish and English and capable of speaking and fully understand Swedish and Norweigan.

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